I don't really have any problems with iCab here apart from the login thing, which I can apparently do without. iCab accepts cookies and deals with them as expected. Explorer can have some font issues, occasionally not rendering them well in my setup. iCab allows you to default to a pseudo 96 dpi, in essence rendering font size as would be expected on a PC. On the other hand, certain aspects of display are handled oddly in iCab; the background colour in the forums tends to be gray more often than not instead of blue and things don't highlight as expected.<br><br>However, the reason I don't use Explorer generally is that it is prone to unexpected quits on my system. These are non-destructive, so I can simply restart the application, but it is annoying. And yes, I do give it puh-lenty of RAM, 40 megabytes.<br><br>John<br><br>[color:red]PS: I hate to say it, but the argument about IE becoming the standard sounds suspiciously like the crappola that PC users have been slinging at Mac users for years. Gives me the willies.</font color=red><br><br>