yes Stan is correct if you have cookies enabled, from FAQ [color:red] Yes. Cookies are used to track your Username/Password and which posts you have read for your current session. Without accepting cookies some functions won't work properly. <br> </font color=red>you never have to log out or in, many of the activities that are done here cannot be done without cookies unless you have played some tricks in your browser,.. iCab is so crappy in here I don't bother using it, or rather resetting all its fonts etc in order to be able to read things... already did that in Netscape and IE and don't need three browsers in here really, though I am outside now with Opera, seeeing how it works.<br>above is Netscape 4.77, below is Opera 5.0b1 <br><br>..Bloody hell more different fonts and hey none of these cookie powered browsers can remember where they have been? Yes they remember that they have a cookie but they lose posts mid editing and all sorts of stuff. and why oh why can't I do stuff like drag text in these crappy version 5 browsers. Yes I hate Exploder! I find iCab is OK generally, I like Netscape though there are some things I could do with out. All in all it is still the best forum browser. At least I can hack it to perform correctly to MY STANDARDS As IE only supports NEW MS standards THEY imposed upon us. I don't really care if other people think they are better standards. I happen to think they are just [color:orange]SHYTE! </font color=orange> [color:blue] Opera would have to be my second choice in forums.</font color=blue>[color:purple] Except for the fact that Opera despite cookies could not remember this post nor could it find my password.. and that was with cookies</font color=purple> had to finish in Netscape.

but where will we be when the future comes?