Ok, what I would normally do when I constructed pages is to map out the tables using slices and guides in ImageReady, then only select the slices I needed and export those slices, then re-open the HTML in Dreamweaver. <br><br>I'd gradually piece together all the mini-tables until I got what I wanted.<br><br>Now, and this is royally pissing me off, ImageReady SAYS it's exporting only my 'selected' slices into a table, but when I open the table/HTML in Dreamweaver, I'll get ALL the slices on the page instead of just the slices I marked for export in IR. Anyone else have this problem? It's a HUGE waste of time that I have to go back into the HTML now and eliminate extra rows and columns- sometimes it even f*cks with the whole table itself...<br><br>I don't know what setting I'm missing, as I already indicated in the IR Export dialog box that I only wanted the slices exported that I selected...<br><br>WTF?<br><br>