Here is what happened:<br>I installed a Netgear wireless router ($49 plus a $20 mfgr coupon).........but that's beside the point. I finally got everything connected. The Cube in the library for the missus, the iMac DV in the Kitchen and my Quicksilver in my office.<br>But, Noooo, I couldn't leave well enough alone!<br>I decided this morning to install OS X on the iMac and started the upgrade. I got restless after about 5 minutes of a spinning spoke and a blank blue screens and decided to stop the download. Here is where it get's really stupid. I tried to stop the download and force-quit the computer. Now, all it does is start for about 5 seconds and shuts down. I can't eject the disk (slot loaded) and, because it isn't on long enough to spin the disk, I can't use the paper clip method.<br>Yes, I have gone to the Apple site and have searched every for a solution to eject the disk. <br>I am hoping that I can get a repair disk with a system on it like DiskWarrior to crank it up and see if there is anything left. But, I can't do a thing until I get the disk out of there. SH!T ! I am so stupid to do such a bone-head thing.<br>Before I have to take it to the Apple store, is there anything I can do? (No, not that!...... I mean with the computer)<br>Thanks<br><br>