Can't say for sure, haven't seen the unit in person, but unless the wireless router has several RJ45 ports to accept ethernet cables for the various things you would hook up to it until you go all wireless, that isn't going to work for you. For example, my Airport base station only has one port for an ethernet cable. Being a wireless router, I don't imagine the Linksys would have more than one either. I mean what's the point of having more than that for a unit that functions wirelessly, capiche? You might want to download the product pdf for that and see what it has in the way of ports on the backside, that should clear things up for you pronto. <br><br>Wireless-G kicks butt, wish I had it. Very fast. I accidentally found myself using it once at work (restricted to certain execs) and man it was blazing fast. I have 802.11b at home. <br><br>