Ok, so I think I may make the jump to wireless someday- right now I don't have a laptop or any machines in other rooms, but I DO have a CompUSA gift card burning a hole in my pocket and I'd like not to have to buy ALL the equipment at once when I finally get the lappie.<br><br>What I guess I want to find out is the setup for the router (most likely Linksys) and if there's some way to disable the wireless functionality of it until I actually get some wireless products in my house...<br><br>Would this serve my needs well enough? I'm not up on my wireless networking standards, but it says 'Wireless G'- is that the same as 802.11g? There's other routers listed on the site as having 'dual-band' capability, etc. Is this something I need to even worry about? <br><br>Basically, at some point I could only see one or two things being wireless- one laptop and possibly an Xbox if I re-sign up for my Live service again...<br><br>