<br>It is true that it is not legal, however, morally I have no problem downloading songs by big bands, or the musicians like Moby; who have supported Napster.<br><br>I think that napster needs to work on its filtering software. Bands like the Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Mathews have always allowed their concerts to be recorded and distributed free of charge. And those live tracks of their songs are the ones I want, however those bands are all blocked on Napster.<br><br>John, what site is nice? SlashDot? Or My Homepage? Or my old site (macnerds.com)?<br><br><br><br>- Jake Minturn<br>Writer, Web Designer, and MacNerd<br>"She was a black-top bombshell straight outta Bombay. She was easy on the eyes, so I had nothing to say."