Hurray!<br><br>But I have a couple of questions.<br><br>At this point I have only my son's IBook, which has an Airport card, wirelessly connected to the LAN. The other four computers are all wired until the stuff I bought gets here (can't wait!). The new wireless router is a DHCP server, and that's not a problem with any of the computers except my wife's PB Wallstreet, which won't receive the IP address that's getting served. I have it temporarily connected via static IP, but that's not a good idea when everything else is dynamic. Any thoughts about why the PB won't accept the IP address?<br><br>Second, as I was setting up the wireless router, I came to the WEP options. At this point I've left it disabled, which I know is not a good idea, but I did it because I don't know what that entails. Do I have to set up each computer to negotiate the WEP settings? How do I do that? And if anyone has any idea about how it gets done on XP, I'd appreciate a hint cause otherwise I won't be able to set up my son's gaming Dull.<br><br>I can't wait to get it all up and running.<br><br> My name is yoyo. Nice to meet you.
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