I would really like to get a decent (read: nice, but not overly expensive) digital camera. 4 megapixels is a minimum, 6 MPs max. At least 3X optical zoom, 4X or more would be better. Must have a USB or Firewire connector and accept some form of standard storage card (none of those silly-assed CD storage.) I would love the ability to have it store RAW image format and .jpg, but it's optional. Of course it must work with OSX, and I would prefer it if I wasn't forced to use any software from the camera maker - I like just downloading with ImageCapture and using Photoshop!<br><br>I'm NOT a pro photographer, and I have no reason to need the "Uber-Camera" - but I currently have a Canon EOS Rebel G SLR camera that I love. It takes fantastic photos... but I hate waiting for film to get developed and I hate paying for shots that I don't want anyway.<br><br>I am looking at cameras in the $300 - $700 range - though the Digital version of my SLR camera (Canon EOS Rebel 6 megapixel) is available for $899 (without a lens - I'm assuming I can use the lens from my SLR camera with it) and I'm serisously considering it.<br><br>Anyone have any advice/suggestions?<br><br>I also wouldn't mind seeing some full size samples, if you have them.<br><br> What?<br>Visit Me!
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