I don't know of any ISP who offers v.92. Even though that chip set is built in to all Apple computers these days, like many things Apple, it's going to take another 18 months before you can obtain v.92 service. Which by the way is a modem protocol that allows you to answer your home phone line while maintaining your dial-up connection.<br><br>For all the hassle, AOL would at least give you, what is it now, 1000 hours of free dial-up. Naaahhhh!<br><br>Yeah, I'd go with one of those 9.95'ers as a temp thing. But ferget v.92. I will say this though I would at least get one of those dial-ups that can supercharge your dial-up connection like earthlinks. <br><br><br><br>"640K ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by G4Dualie on 12/05/03 01:33 AM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>

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