I iPod, do you.<br>Do you see the world through your ears as I.<br><br>CIA said that Saddam said that they said, wait a minute!<br><br>It's never too late to reinvent lives.<br>Question being is it real, really real what one becomes after the reinvent part. - We live amongst sounds, those never heard again when the bomb drops, the bomber blows up, the politics blow out hollywood style, the religious divide blows up, the drums from cars and trucks blow up, sports blows up, music goes nuclear sub culture plastic life.<br><br>Still, the protein and water is horded and misguided, strife is the life for a hijacked world. I'm attempting to demonize all that live blind to the past. There is no spirit in a machine (who really can say why we are so dependent then?).<br>There can only be spirit in the creation of vibration, not the ignition of synthetic gas. What does it all mean when something so absurd is thrown in front of you in person or on the visual aide of TV. Why is Enron not going to be in the history books of some schools. Where does the evil lie truly. How far back do we really have to regress anymore?<br><br>Distortion of society (THE PART TODAY THAT MADE MY JAW DROP WAS WHEN MY MOMS MENTIONED HOW AIDS WAS ALL OVER THE TV OH MY GOD, WY DONT THEY HAVE MORE TROJAN COMMERCIALS, WHY DID YOU VOTE FOR BUSH I Said.... see the Cubans how loyal they are 'hello tourist heathen hell island blessed with beauty from the amazon, both Cuban parties cringed in their minds at the thought of a Rasta king', hey don't you disagree, your loyalty may be questioned. So go ahead and keep your harshwords, blind loyalty is mob mentality prove your weakness once again.<br><br>What is my big idea? It's not war.<br><br>The truth is only elusive if we choose not to see it.