This is how I organize my IE5 favorites (I have 100's!!). I put everything into the toolbar favorites (all are s containing items, or more s) and I organize them with dividers very well (not to brag or anything, I'm just a nit pick with a lot of time on his hands). Email me, and I will send you the HTML files that I exported, and you can import them, drop them into your toolbar favorites , and see what you think. And I even favorited this site up a bunch!! So for you administrators, this would come in very handy. The best thing about this is 1, you can access all of the links of that page (well, the main, essential ones anyways) without even haveing a page loaded, and having to click on a link to get a list of even more links. And 2, you don't even need to have a web page loaded at all!!!<br><br>Email me, and I will send you these html files promptly (after shcool and work :-). I really want to know what people think of my organization methods. Oh, and yea, I DO backup my favorites (my ENTIRE hard drive for that matter!!)<br><br>Thanks, and hope you like.<br><br>P.S. I really wish I had an iDisk right about know, but email is still super easy.<br><br>P.S.S. If I compress the files, and you can't open them, then just reply, and I will only encode them (I compress with stuffit 6).<br><br>P.S.S.S. Each HTML file is a folder that I have put in my toolbar favorites .<br><br>ENJOY!<br><br>-- John Bailey (Bdog)
John Bailey ([red]Bdog[/red])

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