"mosr.com" posted the rumour that Apple is going to introduce it's new Powerbook-line within 2-6 weeks. About the tech-specs they said the following:<br><br>"The time is ripe for Apple to pack more punch in the Powerbook lineup - expect processors at up to 1GHz (although 933MHz is a popular conservative projection these days), an updated display....and if Apple can manage it, the company is widely believed to want to get its hands on a suitable amount of portable DVD-RW drives it can dub its "ultraslim Superdrive". We'll be talking much more about the future of the Powerbook family later this week.<br><br>Also, there has been some speculation recently that Apple may be able to adapt the 167MHz frontside bus used in the new Dual 1.0 and 1.25GHz PowerMacs to the Powerbook. If so, it would likely be in the high-end model, and also only if the processors reach 1GHz -- 920MHz and 833MHz seem unlikely speeds under the circumstances."<br><br>Well if somebody knows more about the tech-specs or other features please mail me.<br><br><br><br><br><br>