My wife has been using my old Wallstreet PB for a couple of years, running 9.2.1, with few problems. Recently, though, she's been having odd freezes of all sorts of apps, including the Finder. The computer just stops for a while--sometimes a very long while, so she has to do a reset. I've done the following: clean install (moved over some of the extensions from the previous system folder, so that might be a problem), rebuilt the desktop, ran DiskWarrior, defragmented the HD. It's still doing it. Tonight I ran TechToolsPro's harware tests, and for what that's worth, it showed that the hardware is OK.<br><br>Tonight I did remove the extension and control panel that seemed to me most likely to cause trouble (the MS Office menu bar doohickey--forget what it's called cause I haven't used OS 9 for so long). I'll see if that solves the issues before I wipe and reinstall. Before I do that I wonder if there's anything I'm missing. Besides zapping the pram, which I just thought of right this minute. Do you think that might be the issue?<br><br> Alas, poor Yorick. -- Hamlet
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