First off, I'm curious if you've had personal experience with MacMice? And, if so, how was your transaction handled? Or are you just perpetuating the ramblings of a small, select few who have experienced a less than perfect transaction?<br><br>Because I'm located in Canada, I would think I'd be a prime target for the unscrupulous business practices of an American online retailer. One would think the promises of replacement SightClips (which I purchased in July of this year) would be empty. One would also think any of my Canadian friends would have been cheated in some way. Surprise, surprise! Nothing of the sort has occurred!<br><br>Not only has my buying experience with MacMice been favourable, the company's efforts to keep me informed as to shipments and manufacturing progress is a pleasant boon to their apparent growing integrity.<br><br>I'm sure some of the online community's most popular news sites wouldn't bother to discuss MacMice products if the company were such a perceived bad risk.<br><br>Although I can be a miserable, old curmudgeon and continue to display much skepticism to online buying, my choice to deal with MacMice is based on a concerted effort into "reading between the lines" of the outrageous public ravings and responses to them from Jack, himself. My opting to provide his company the benefit of the doubt has not been met with any unpleasantness.<br><br>To suggest I and my friends support illegal activities is preposterous and ignorant!<br><br>alec - OFI
- alec -