So I tested the IP over firewire with my desktop and powerbook at home and it worked great but after unplugging the firewire cable from the powerbook I was about to shut the lid and I noticed iChat was still active. What the heck?<br><br>Apparently a neighbor has a base station running with an open network and my powerbook just locked into it automatically. I was looking into buying an Airport base station not long ago, maybe I don't even need one after all The signal was fairly weak but near one particular window it was strongest.<br><br>So, I walked outside and went all the way around the house carrying my powerbook. In no location outside the house could I get a stronger signal than INSIDE the house. Huh?<br><br>Now, I know we don't have a base station so how do I find out where this is coming from? If its a neighbor I know I might at least want to tell him/her about it.<br><br>