I work at a very PC centric company. We have a website. We are currently running out NT 2000 web logs (I guess they're really IIS logs) through WebTrends, to get some basic reporting out of them, but the contractor that has set up WebTrends for us isn't real bright.<br><br>So, I wanted to bring home the log files, and analyze them through FunnelWeb, a very powerful log analyzer (and something I know).<br><br>so I asked the It department to burn the logs to disk for me (which they did) but they used ISO 9660 formatted CD-Rom's.<br><br>The problem I'm having is getting the ISO 9660 disks readable by my installed CD-ROM Drive. It's just a regualr 24x CD-Rom in my iMac Rev A. I'm running Mac Os 9.1, and have the extensions for "foreign file access" turned on and the "ISO 9660" extension turned on, but every time I insert a disk, it just spins and spins, and then when I try to manually eject it, it tells me that the disk is not a format readable my the Mac OS, and asks if I want to eject or initialize the disk.<br><br>I know that the disks work, cause I can read them through my USB CD-RW (Que) drive, but the transfer speeds over USb are pitifully slow... <br><br>Any tips on what I might do to fix this?<br><br>Coincidentally... the CD-Rom's work in the same drive under Mac OS X.... but I need Mac OS 9 to work with them....<br><br>Oddd... thanks for the help.<br><br>***<br>"The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." <br> -- Ecclesiastes 10:2
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