<br>I really don't like cell phones (i have one for work but i don't use it), how hard it to understand where and where not to use your cellphone. I was in at a movie the other day, the guy' pager in front of me, went off (beep not silent), He then procceds to call this person back to talk about a date that he had and how he had gotten' some. Ten people including myself, in varying degrees of asking (please, could you talk out side all the way to would you @&#*$#$ get you and your mother#@*@&^! cell phone outa' here) about five minutes later the manager of the theather with one of the cops that seems to be in the theater all the time, came and removed this guy (who was still on the phone). <br><br>Oni<br><br><br>this is my signature do you like it?