It's not the big deals in life that bug me the most, it's those little things.<br><br>Like the way people insist on walking around with their cel phones surgically attached, talking about their dog's skin condition (or other equally vital things.) Is the world so deprived of continual inane yammering that it must be indulged in 24/7?<br><br>Then there's the "You just don't get it" reply which gets trotted out a lot these days. As in, "I think the PT Cruiser is ugly." "You just don't get it." As though "getting it" is some kind of answer, a holy mantra. Having "gotten it" you are thus qualified to ascend to heaven. "You just don't get it" is a non-reason, delivered by the intellectually bankrupt, to be trotted out whenever reason fails. A perfectly silly putdown attempt which fails miserably except against the easily browbeaten. As for the PT Cruiser, I think the thing is ugly. My opinion.<br><br>Will that guy saying "funk soul bruthha" fifty million times in a row just drop dead now, please? And take those "who let the dogs out" morons with you. Just a gentle request.<br><br>Any other little things that drive you nuts?<br><br>John<br><br>