I've had a free Yahoo mail account for a few years now. I set it up as essentially a spam repository for when I order things online and end up on a mailing list. Then my 'real' email doesn't get the spam.<br><br>It worked well, I hardly ever receive spam to my personal or work related addresses, but sure enough, within a year the spam really started to hit the yahoo address hard. I considered dumping that address and just opening a new one (that was half the idea in the first place), but its not always that easy. I have a bunch of businesses that already have accounts with that address and although its not hard to change, its a pain in the butt.<br><br>Early this year Yahoo introduced two new features - bulk mail and spam reporting. Bulk mail is just one of those loose filters that takes obvious spam and dumps it into a different inbox... helpful but not near enough. The spam reporting allows you to forward any message as spam to Yahoo and they will "deal with it" somehow.<br><br>I have to admit that I had almost no confidence that the spam reporting would do any good, in fact I wondered if it wasn't a scheme to get people to respond and then send MORE spam (similar to 'remove from mailing list' schemes). But, since I could always just dump the address anyway I thought I'd give it a try.<br><br>I can't tell you what a difference it has made. It took a couple months to really show an effect, but slowly and surely the spam has disappeared. I still get quite a bit going into that 'bulk mail' bin, but it just gets automatically deleted. I now have maybe one spam mail every couple weeks, and this is with an address that I use for everything nonsecure.<br><br>No other point to this post other than I am shocked at the quality of service I'm getting from them for nothing other than a banner on the email page. It looks like they are improving it even more this week too.<br><br>