I may have missed it but I did not see all the great 3rd party ways of bypassing the App switcher mentioned above. I use and hack a great variety of applications for my own amusement just to see how big a smartass i am and to learn things from my mistakes so I use (trial a range of things).<br>Thus I have and use ActionGoMac, Extension Strip and DragThing as my main ways of switching apps I use X-Launch and have disabled Appple's Launcher.(note dragthing allows you to switch OS 8.5 command tabbing on and off). Lately I have also trialled TaskMenuBar I find the Extensions strip Process Manager csm much better to use than the Application Switcher. <br>As you may imagine... I NEVER use the application switcher..EXCEPT... and this is an IMPORTANT reason for NOT disabling it. That exception is in Extensions OFF mode.. where NONE of the other things work... only the Application Switcher does. This is a good reason I suppose for the hypercard questions posed here... but then I only suppose... I don't know. <br>The point is that everything has a distinct advantage and style which will appeal more to one use or other but when it boils down to nitty gritty... Apple has already allowed for that.<br><br>..

but where will we be when the future comes?