I got one of the first ones off the line on Feb 22, 2001, the 500Hz model with 512 megs of RAM and an Airport card. I also bought Apple Care.<br><br>It's been a very good machine with only a few minor problems--some not even problems and only irritations:<br><br>It does get uncomfortably hot<br>The little gray rubber feet all fell out eventually<br>I wear a bracelet on my right wrist which eventually wore the finish off the edge of the plastic frame and some of the finish off of the titanium in that lower right corner<br>The discs sometimes get caught coming out of the slot.<br>The screen developed some light streaks coming down from the top center.<br><br>Other than that, I've had the machine on almost 24/7 these two-odd years and it's perfomed very well for me. I've also received numerous compliments on its looks.<br><br>If I wasn't firmly set on my next Mac being a tower if Apple comes out with a very compelling next offering, I'd like to get the new 17" Powerbook. I've really enjoyed the convenience and enablement of a portable. If I somehow had the money I'd get both, but if I can only get one, and if Apple somehow comes out with an outrageous G5 quad or something I'd have to go with it first before upgrading my TiPB.<br><br>Definitely get Apple Care on a portable. Mine slipped off my lap once and hit the floor not too hard. But soon afterwards it failed to boot up. I sent it in and they not only replaced the streaked LCD screen, they replaced the CD drive, the keyboard and the main logic board--all under Apple Care warrantee, in a three day turnaround, and it didn't cost me a cent.<br><br>