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Re: change of subject Celandine 02/19/20 09:48 PM

Kevin Bloody Wilson

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Re: Tesla Biggerfoot 02/17/20 12:01 AM
If you have two Teslas charging, would you need another circuit installed? Can you just use a 110 to keep a charged up one ready?

I bought one Apple stock decades ago when they were really I know the feeling!
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Re: MY Wish List Celandine 02/13/20 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by Celandine
Originally Posted by starmill kate

This is the page it is on. I got it second hand. Does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but I go down to my old home, to a park a mile away and am thinking about branching out on longer rides. It is great to be out on the side walks again. I think it is street wise but I keep to side street sidewalks. I love it. Got it half price from a guy who now wants it back! Forget it buster. A deal is a deal. 5 mph and 14 miles max, maybe.

THIS is the one I'm seriously considering: Drive-Medical Cobra Executive Scooter

My WISH JUST Came True!

It was JUST Delivered
(Fully Assembled & Fully Charged) to my front door.

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Re: Nothing Wrong/Missing Celandine 02/12/20 12:40 AM
Originally Posted by Reboot
And just to add a little wrinkle, if I’m looking at it on the iphone in landscape everything is formatted nicely, if I view portrait it blows the formatting out. In portrait none of the columns are there.

Well,I rarely put my Computer in 'Portrait Mode' whistle
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Fight Club ~ Fer REEL! Celandine 02/11/20 12:10 AM

Outback Tent Boxing - End of an Era

Fred Brophy's Boxing Tent: Birdsville 2016

Paul Kelly - "Rally Round The Drum"
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Re: SOTU.... Celandine 02/07/20 11:22 PM

Although I agreed with what she did
I'd have also thrown the pieces at the back of his fat head.

but I see why she didn't/couldn't
it would have been over the line/been counter productive
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Re: Iowa... Celandine 02/05/20 01:28 AM

I'm always the 1st to suspect something nefarious...

..maybe China ("Gynea") responded to Don D. Con's suggestion to "Get Involved"

Either way, Vlad the Impaler is LHFAO
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Re: Laughing or Crying? Celandine 02/04/20 12:06 AM

A coronavirus gets its name from how it looks.
Under an electron microscope, these pathogens exhibit spikes that resemble the angles of a crown.
[Linked Image from]

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The end of ‘Checks & Balances? Mike 02/01/20 12:22 PM
“ What’s absolutely clear from this impeachment is that the presidency has risen far above the other branches of government, freeing the occupant of the White House from the system of checks and balances designed to constrain him.” (WaPo)
What’s also quite clear is that the only way to remove Trump is by the power of the ballot in November.
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Re: Server Updated Celandine 01/24/20 04:34 PM

Sorry Neil,
I've never set up a Forum before...
I tried to access the HELP feature @ the top of the page
that usually offers a lot of UBB Code information
but alas, that too is gone (brings up a Blank Page)

AH! When I used the "QUICK REPLY Option"
It brought up the familiar WYSIWYG Buttons laugh

I can only Post from QUICK REPLY..
but I can use EDIT which brings up the UBB WYSIWG Buttons

The bottom of the page says "UBB is Enabled"
Indeed, everything is there... so hang in there..
it's just a matter of setting it up properly
with a lil' help from your friends wink

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