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Re: "This Forum is Dying" Reboot 08/11/20 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by Papa
I am not on Facebook but I might join if someone would send me an invitation to the group. If anyone is interested in me joining, that is.

We would love to have you of course. They let me in so the requirements are slim.

I will email you at your address.
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Re: Goodbye? bird 08/08/20 08:06 PM
Hey kittycat man smile
I took my self out of the action here things just were getting too intense for me....the bickering and suttle jabs made me stop laying eggs and my feathers were starting to fall out blush it was MIA for me. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help over the years you were always
a help for all of us who had no idea what we were belated thanks my friend. Glad I got to say how much I will miss the folks I have been blessed to share the fun times and sad times with....
so before they shut and lock the doors and bar the windows

thank you and everyone for all the years we have spent together

your down on the farm, critter loving friend, bird/Candy smile
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Re: Anybody Else Here? MacBozo 07/27/20 09:20 PM
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Been A Lot Of Fun Pirate 07/25/20 01:39 PM
got involved with great bunch of folks here over 20 years ago, been fun, miss everybody.....ok tell me..just who was the sock puppet Happy Hippy
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Re: First post Biggerfoot 07/16/20 11:26 PM
Thanks for doing that...those are a couple of names from the past for sure!
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